Car Electronics

Car electronics used to be primarily confined to stereo and speaker systems, but today it can include almost any type of electronics you can think of. Satellite radios, DVD players, alarm systems and global positioning systems (GPS) are being installed in more cars today than ever.

When you think of car electronics, stereos and speaker systems may still be the first things that come to mind. Stereos often come with multiple disc CD player which will play up to a certain number of CDs in a row. Some stereos have iPod connectors so you can connect your iPod directly to your car stereo. Satellite radio has been come a popular item in cars today. The satellite radio usually requires a user to subscribe to a service. But, because the radio gets its broadcast from a satellite, subscribers get CD quality stations that don't fade in and out as you drive.

DVD players come in many new cars, but they can be installed in a car you already own. The DVD player is normally mounted in the back as to not distract the driver from the road. They are great in helping keep children occupied, especially on long trips!

Alarm systems are important protection again car damage and theft. It is best to determine a list of your wants and needs before going to talk to a salesperson about having a car alarm installed. If you have a GPS car tracking system installed in your car, it will help the police locate the exact position of the car if it is stolen. Onstar is one example of a security system for your car that uses GPS. Some systems, such as Onstar, can also do other things like notify operators when your airbag has been deployed (as in the case of an accident) or unlock you electronic locks if you leave your keys in the car.

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