Consumer Electronics

There are consumer electronics that we feel we cannot live without today that were virtually nonexistent twenty years ago. As technology changes, we feel the need to keep up with it. Some aren't happy unless they have the latest and greatest new gadgets.

Energy use of U.S. Consumer Electronics.

By some estimates, more than half of American households have computers today. Twenty years ago, computers were only found in the workplace and that was not a given. You can find access to the Internet most places you go: coffee houses, hotels, casinos, school, etc. Cell phones are another consumer electronic phenomenon. Even ten years ago, cell phones were not as prominent. In 1994, a mere 16 million Americans were cell phone subscribers while today, the total is over 110 million.

Movies and television have gone through their own revolution. From the black and white television to color, from VHS tapes to DVD to digital recorders, the whole industry has been redefined. You shouldn't have any problem finding your favorite movie or perhaps the entire series of your favorite television show on DVD. As the technology advances, it becomes more reliable and lasts longer. Cable and satellite television allows us constant access to a media which one had dead air time. If you aren't able to get out to the theatre for movies for whatever reason, you can turn your home into a movie theatre with a large screen plasma television and surround sound, just add popcorn and soda for the full effect!

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Not the only industry going through change, the music industry has also grown with the invention of consumer electronics. Amazed at the ease of use of 8 tracks (they could be played in the car!) over albums, many users were just switching over to cassette tapes when compact discs came into play. Now, digital media players such as iPod, play music, video and Internet radio.

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