Electronic Air Cleaner

You air at home can be filled with airborne particles including pet hair and dander, dust, bacteria, pollen, mold, mildew and other allergens. Having these in your home can cause allergy symptoms, asthma and infection in yourself and others. Some electronic air cleaners cannot only help rid your household of those particles, but also smoke and odor.

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There are different types and brands of electronic air cleaners from which you can choose, but most contain air filters to eliminate the particles from the air. The cleaners use air filters to trap the bacteria, dander, mold, and other microorganisms to keep them from circulating around the house. A electrostatic filter creates friction that that friction creates an electrostatic charge that draws the particles to the filter like a magnet. The filter should be cleaned or replaced at certain intervals to provide maximum performance by the cleaner. Some of the cleaners are individual units while some hook into your heating and cooling systems.

Cleaners that use high efficiency particulate arresting (HEPA) filters are very popular today. By circulating air through carbon filters, they are said to remove up to 99.7% of the particles in the air. Ionic Breeze is also another popular brand of air cleaner that uses negative ions and acceptable amounts of ozone to help clean the your household air. There are strict governmental safety standards for indoor ozone use however, so you should check any cleaner you purchase to make sure it adheres to those standards.

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You can purchase electronic air purifiers at most major department stores, hardware store and online. When purchasing, be sure to check out the filter information such as should it be wiped clean or replaced. If it needs to be replaced periodically, take that extra cost into consideration. You should also see what the life expectancy of the cleaner is and what percentage of particles it is supposed to remove from the air. Some cleaners run fans and some don't, if noise is a consideration.

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