Electronic Arts

Computers have brought a whole new perspective on the art world, although some electronic art has been around for years. Artists can now create their art electronically. Electronic arts can include music and interactive media such as games, digital arts, sonic arts and video.

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Electronic music may seem like a recent occurrence, but it has actually been around for over one hundred years. One example of electronic music is a synthesizer. A synthesizer is a piano-type keyboard that creates electric signals only heard when hooked up to speakers or headphones. A synthesizer can be made to sound like almost any other instrument through the use of software or to create completely new sounds. Electronic music can range from dance to hip hop to jazz. Electric guitars and pianos are also another example of electronic music. Each year, Detroit sponsors Movement, the world's largest electronic music festival with over sixty electronica artists performing over three days.

Computer and video games have opened a whole new world for art. Programmers use software to create scenery and action for each game. Some say electronic video game art began in the early 70's with the creation of the video game Pong by Nolan Bushnell. Video and computer games have grown epic proportions with games being interactive and very lifelike. Maya allows developers to animate water to appear as if it is flowing, flowers as if they are blowing in the wind and many other 3D effects.

Electronic digital art can be created with graphic software like Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The results can be enhanced photography, computer painted art, computer drawn art, 3D graphics and animation. There are even several digital art galleries on the web displaying artist's work. Even web pages can be considered electronic art since many have original artwork on them.

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