Electronic Dog Collars

Electronic dog collars are used to train dogs. The training may be to cease barking, stop the dog from attacking others, chasing cars or simply learning owner commands like “sit” and “stay.”

The electronic dog collar sends a small electric pulse to dogs via a remote control that owner handles. Most collars have multiple levels of pulse available and can work up to a certain distance. Electronic dog collars are highly effective because the dog connects the punishment with the inappropriate behavior and learns to behave even when the owner isn't nearby. Some owners use collars to train their dogs to respond to certain commands. You may have to use the collar for a while until the dog learns the commands. You will need to be persistent when you start the training, but after the commands are learned, the collar is usually not necessary anymore.

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There are electronic collars, sometimes known as anti-bark collars, designed specifically to prevent dogs from barking at inappropriate times, such as at night. The bark collars also send a low level electronic pulse to the dog barks. The collar knows when the dog has barked by sensing vibrations from the dog's vocal chords, thus preventing the barking of nearby dogs setting off the collar. If the dog continues to bark, the system raises the intensity of the pulse until the dog learns that when he stops barking, the pulse stops. After a certain period of barking inactivity, the collar system will reset itself to the lowest level for the next bark. Dogs learn at different levels, so if your dog doesn't immediately respond to the pulse, show patience in helping him learn. It is good reinforcement to reward the dog when he doesn't bark by giving him treats or spending time playing with him.

While some people may view the collars as inhumane, they are very safe and approved by many professional dog trainers and veterinarians.

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