Electronic Games

From young to old, most everyone loves electronic games. The games can range from a card game like solitaire to an action game like Grand Theft Auto.

There are several different game console manufacturers. Some of the more popular ones today are Nintendo, Xbox, Dreamcast and Gameboy.

Action games like Star Wars, Mask of Zorro, and Tomb Raider are games of skill – one wrong move and you could be dead. Action games also include driving games. Crazy Taxi is an action game where you pick up customers, then drive thought town, avoiding obstacles to deliver them to their destination in a certain amount of time. Action games and adventure games sometimes intertwine. Games like The Ring, In Cold Blood, Resident Evil and Prisoner of War are popular adventure games that also include a lot of action.

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Fighting games are very popular now days, especially with teenagers and young adults. Some of the more popular fighting games are Dead or Alive, WWF Royal Rumble, Soul Fighter, and Fighter X.

Because some parents are worried about the violence of action/adventure/fighting games, there are other games to choose from. More family-friendly games include Tetris, Mario Brothers, Wheel of Fortune, PacMan and Monopoly. While these games aren't as intense as the action/adventure games, they still require player's to have skill. Smaller children might be interested in Elmo's 123, Pokemon Gold, Yogi Bear: Great Balloon Blast or Monster's Inc. There are also card games like solitaire and poker available.

Games now come with ratings to give you an idea of the age range they are appropriate for. This helps parents when choosing what games to buy for their children. The ratings are EC (early childhood), E (everyone), E10+ (everyone 10 and older), T (teens), M (mature – 17 years and older), AO (adults only) and RP (rating pending). There are also content advisories on games that contain nudity, blood, violence, sexual content, and language among other things.

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