Electronic Pet Door

Most pet owners think of their animals as their babies, so they naturally want the best for their pets. If you have been thinking of installing an electronic door for you pet, there are many things you should consider.

You should first think about where you want to install the door. You need to take in to consideration where the best location for the door is. Many electronic pet doors can be installed in a sliding glass door. If this door goes into the backyard and you want to keep your pet out of your backyard, you need to reconsider. You may want to have the door installed in the back door or a side door instead. Electronic pet doors can also be installed in window panes or walls. If you have multiple pets, such as cats and dogs, you need to think about whether you want both types of animals coming in and out of the door or not.

Once you decide on the location, you will need to take measurements. You want to make sure the door will accommodate your pet's size (including potential size in young pets), agility (which may diminish with age) or any future pets you may plan to acquire. You will need to decide the width and height you want the door to be. You should plan to install the screen at least high enough off the ground so it hits no lower than the pet's shoulder when he goes out. If you mount the door somewhat higher, it may help on the wear and tear of the flap and make it last longer. Remember that making the door slightly big is better than making it too small.

When the door is installed, you will need to take a little time to teach your pet to use it. Some animals will be so eager to go outside, they won't have a problem with the flap. But, some are scared of the unknown, so be sure to open the flap for your pet when you first install it. Don't try to push the animal though the door – that may only scare them more. If you can, try removing the flap completely (or taping it up) so the animal can see the outside. Then just let them explore it themselves.

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