Wholesale Electronics

Wholesale electronics are items you can buy in a large volume directly from the manufacturer for resale. Many people do this at their businesses or online at auction houses like eBay. Because you buy in volume, you get a much better individual price; therefore, you can mark it up slightly to make yourself a profit without overcharging the customer.

If you are selling wholesale electronics, you want to be sure that you are buying electronics that you will be able to resell at a profit. No matter how good a deal it is, if you cannot resell the item and make money, you are in trouble financially. So first, know your market and consumers. Second, when selling wholesale electronics, you will probably need to have the appropriate business licenses or permits for your state. You can check with your County Clerk to receive all the requirements for reselling.

check out the wholesale resource guide.

If you are looking to buying an individual item at wholesale prices, you will usually find the prices much cheaper. If you are looking to buy locally, look under the word “wholesale” in the Yellow Pages to find dealers near you. Be sure to call to see if they are open to the general public, and if so, what hours. Some wholesale stores charge a yearly fee to be a member, so you will need to take that cost into consideration when buying if necessary. Also, if you call, ask what type of payment they accept. Some wholesale stores do accept credit cards. If you are purchasing something big, ask if they have delivery. Remember, wholesale stores are usually without the frills of a regular retail store.

Need help deciding which to buy?

If you know someone that got a good deal on some wholesale electronics, ask them where they went. It helps to talk to friends and find out where they have gotten good deals so you can deal with someone reputable. You want to save money, but you also want to get what you want, in working order, in the process.

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